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4th of March 2013 25

ASUS F1A75-V Pro Motherboard Hands-on Review

JJ from ASUS unboxes the new AMD Llano platform ASUS F1A75-V Pro Motherboard. See why this low cost board is a great choice for DirectX 11 gaming. The F1A75-V Pro features ASUS DIGI+ VRM with dual intelligent processors, SATA II 6Gbps, USB 3.0 technology, and more.

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25 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Michal Kucej 5:54 pm 4/03 of 2013

    Can I play on this battlefield 3? help please

  2. ghostcrisps 6:54 pm 4/03 of 2013

    I’ve got this board, with an A8-3850 and had 8GB of RAM (2x4GB Corsair Vengeance sticks), with the DIMMs initially inserted in the light blue slots.

    I’ve recently replaced the stock CPU heatsink with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, and now I cant use the first memory slot as the RAM heat spreader wont fit under the fan. I’ve now moved both DIMMs onto the black slots – will that make a difference, or are things still all good?

  3. icsoka 7:25 pm 4/03 of 2013

    HI, i am looking for this board but it is EVO model , video review, i hat living in another country , its never easy to get information like for like

  4. DeanGetYourWings 7:49 pm 4/03 of 2013

    I’ve read a few places say it does due to the BIOS but does this board support >2.2GB Hard Drives and that are bootable from? cheers :)

  5. zptwin2 8:20 pm 4/03 of 2013

    The AMD A8-3850 will work with it right

  6. rickey thedcartist 8:35 pm 4/03 of 2013

    You Can only put The Cpu’s Am4 Am6 Am8

  7. uwibern 8:48 pm 4/03 of 2013

    nope the proccesor slot has 4 blanks so you cant put AM2/AM3/AM3+ on it.

  8. maybedos 8:49 pm 4/03 of 2013

    no only fm1

  9. Jbay2608 9:47 pm 4/03 of 2013

    It can take up to 1866 MHZ Dual Channel DDR3, so G. Skil Ripjaws or Sniper will be fine! Likewise any 1600/1866MHZ Modules should be fine!

  10. Jbay2608 10:07 pm 4/03 of 2013

    JJ, is the EVO version of this board a setp up or a step down from the PRO version??

  11. GRdestroyerH2 11:07 pm 4/03 of 2013

    please tell me!

  12. GRdestroyerH2 11:24 pm 4/03 of 2013

    What type of RAM is suitable for this motherboard?

  13. TheOmarTech 11:25 pm 4/03 of 2013

    I assume your phenom x6 is AM3 chipset? I think this will only take FM1 chipset and is not backwards compatible, can someone confirm?

  14. Jamie Williams 11:48 pm 4/03 of 2013

    i have been looking at this bored on ebuyer
    and it states that it has support of processors up to 4 core
    would this bored support the phenom x6 ?

  15. Martinx88813 12:38 am 5/03 of 2013

    I would Love to see an Asus case….

  16. Martinx88813 12:39 am 5/03 of 2013

    Can I use nvidia for physx too?

  17. BikerBry 1:30 am 5/03 of 2013

    Cool stuff, Can’t wait to start seeing the performance specs on these. Not really sure where the market falls on this though. Seems more of a CPU to compete with the Atom more than the K-series Sandy Bridge. I guess their idle power consumption is super small.

  18. icguilty 1:32 am 5/03 of 2013

    no!. i meant the usb3 on south chipset by amd. are based on renesas/nec.

  19. icguilty 2:10 am 5/03 of 2013

    yeah also i think via is a little better, but is very difulty to decide because depends the onboard design. the asus xonar isnt the great sound card. is much better than a creative. the xonar based on modded cmedia chipset av100/200. better sound card are ht omega, auzentech.

  20. ASUSIlluminati 2:43 am 5/03 of 2013

    It depends on the codec package personally i really like the Via 2020 i think it is cleaner and warmer than the 889. That being noted for me i would never run on board audio i would always at least consider a Xonar DG and get the upgrade sound quality with a headphone amp it makes a big difference in noise floor and driving strength which also affects max SPL ( volume level ). As for the USB3 it is native to the chipset and our add on controller is non NEC but ASMEDIA.

  21. ASUSIlluminati 3:04 am 5/03 of 2013

    We have been really support BT on a higher number of boards but to be able to bring a number of more mainstream features and low level improvements in component quality it was something we had to cut from the board especially as these are very aggressively priced boards. I and ASUS appreciate the feedback though thanks for the view.

  22. ASUSIlluminati 3:51 am 5/03 of 2013

    Depends actually on available dimms right now users can easily buy 4GB dimms which the board supports no problems. As users can not easily purchase any 8GB dimms I feel this a mute point. that being noted the chipset and IMC do offer support for higher capacities.

  23. amitsingh69436943 4:35 am 5/03 of 2013

    Will you gift this board?? :)

  24. Cristian Femenia 5:31 am 5/03 of 2013

    I’m from Argentina, and we say (“YANO”) xD

  25. xxfm12xx 5:55 am 5/03 of 2013

    Yeah right. And when will that happen? 2015?


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