ASUS E35M1-I Deluxe Fusion Brazos Motherboard Hands-on Review

8th of January 2013 24

ASUS E35M1-I Deluxe Fusion Brazos Motherboard Hands-on Review

JJ – Unboxes the new AMD Fusion/Brazos motherboards from ASUS. E35M1-I DELUXE E35M1-M PRO Follow ASUS on Facebook and on Twitter at

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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. BlueKen11111 2:39 pm 8/01 of 2013

    do you mean E45 not E34 becuss when i look up the motherbord on asus thar is nothing called E35M1-I DELUXE but E45M1-I DELUXE

  2. sayan das 2:40 pm 8/01 of 2013

    this is how all videos should be like. frank.

  3. AFGuidesHD 3:02 pm 8/01 of 2013

    an asus review of an asus product, seems biased 

  4. ultraman8899 3:16 pm 8/01 of 2013

    Dose anyone know if this mb support dvi to vga adapter?

  5. Alex Johansson 3:42 pm 8/01 of 2013

    does the built-in wireless support 5 GHz in the ASUS E35M1-I Deluxe?

  6. FantasyNero 3:43 pm 8/01 of 2013

    Yea Sure I know that My Friend The APU Not on Processor , I Understand Thank you For Good Informations Have nice Life and God bless you :)

  7. nelizmastr 4:28 pm 8/01 of 2013

    APU’s arent meant to replace the CPU, its just a way of combining a cpu with a gpu to reduce power output, and make systems more capable of running 3d applications or HD, without breaking the bank.

  8. FantasyNero 5:13 pm 8/01 of 2013

    But I See in there The CPU are Beat in Power Than the APU is Losing The Core i7 is Better Because this what Call the CPU Processor.

  9. nelizmastr 5:49 pm 8/01 of 2013

    a CPU is just a cpu, an APU also has a relatively powerful graphics chip built in.

  10. FantasyNero 6:08 pm 8/01 of 2013

    But that For Desktop not Laptop The APU processor What the Different From CPU processor ?

  11. nelizmastr 6:19 pm 8/01 of 2013

    it’s basically a notebook motherboard with a mobile APU. There are many solutions like it, mostly on the intel side, with Atoms.

  12. FantasyNero 7:12 pm 8/01 of 2013

    That Really Weird Thing on this Motherboard a i have ever seen.

  13. nelizmastr 7:20 pm 8/01 of 2013

    its onboard. not swappable.

  14. FantasyNero 7:53 pm 8/01 of 2013

    Where is The Processor ?

  15. FantasyNero 7:59 pm 8/01 of 2013

    We Want Gaming MOther Board :D

  16. faro0485 8:02 pm 8/01 of 2013

    I too am still waiting for an itx low powered e450 motherboard, or an e450 barebones nettop.

  17. jevansturner 8:30 pm 8/01 of 2013

    Should mention that the red USB 2.0 ports are colored red for a reason: To indicate that they remain powered when the system is off / asleep. Useful for charging devices.

  18. LegendSphinx 8:55 pm 8/01 of 2013

    They exist E350 based Laptops with 15″ Displays i saw one for 300 Euro

  19. Tian Xuan Liu 9:54 pm 8/01 of 2013

    waiting for E-450

  20. 111olbap 10:28 pm 8/01 of 2013

    I buy ASUS because I always buy ASUS and I fear change.

  21. SOF006 10:28 pm 8/01 of 2013

    Wish I had one of these sweet boards :) Much better than my laptop. Or I could find a laptop with one of these APUs in it :P

  22. sumaran72 11:14 pm 8/01 of 2013

    cool, thanks

  23. sumaran72 11:45 pm 8/01 of 2013

    make sure you post video i want to see this puppy in action thanks

  24. Defstryker 12:24 am 9/01 of 2013

    What is it’s height?


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