ASUS Crosshair V Formula Motherboard Hands-on Review

13th of August 2012 24

ASUS Crosshair V Formula Motherboard Hands-on Review

JJ from ASUS unboxes the new AMD AM3+ Bulldozer ready ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard. Find out why the Crosshair V Formula from the ASUS Republic of Gamers is the perfect formula for AMD. Learn more at the ASUSROG Forums here: Follow ASUS on Facebook and on Twitter at
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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. soccerplaya226 2:03 am 13/08 of 2012

    uhhh… basically no motherboard does…

  2. William Gage 2:45 am 13/08 of 2012

    you can use 16gb of vengeance if you want. its fastest support memory is DDR3-1866 for the cpu but the motherboard supports up to 2133.

  3. William Gage 3:03 am 13/08 of 2012


  4. norkoilija 3:35 am 13/08 of 2012

    What memory I can use with this motherboard and AMD FX-8120? 16GB Corsair Vengeance if possible..?

  5. MrFatBastad 4:02 am 13/08 of 2012

    I have this motherboard & this fucker never mentioned anything about the onboard audio being a Realtek Chipset. The EAX and THX from Creative he’s talking about is just the software that came with the bundle. I tried the onboard audio & it still sounds CRAP just like how Realtek Chipsets has always sound. So I put my Creative Soundcard back and it sounds beautiful again the way it should be.They used Creative Softwares for marketing purposes to get you into thinking it’s a Creative chipset.

  6. vah0961 4:09 am 13/08 of 2012

    Will EVGA GTX550 2GB DDR3 work on Crossfire V motherboard??

  7. AnndyBL 4:48 am 13/08 of 2012

    ASUS Crosshair V Formula + AMD FX-8150 + Corsair H100=???

  8. multiXxtylerxX 5:23 am 13/08 of 2012

    How many graphic card slots?

  9. multiXxtylerxX 6:14 am 13/08 of 2012

    Does it come with a prosesor? Because I want it without one

  10. MrMario123abc 6:20 am 13/08 of 2012

    hey jj. i would really appreciate it if you would answer my question. i am trying to build a pc and i am having a bit of trouble with choosing the parts. so here is my question- what are the top 5 video cards that can run on a ASUS Crosshair V Formula 990FX Socket AM3+ 8 Channel audio ATX Motherboard ? thanks!:)

  11. MorkaGraven 6:36 am 13/08 of 2012

    “A lot of connectivity offered to you” Except it’s 1 slot less than any traditional ATX board. I feel ripped off!

  12. MorkaGraven 7:09 am 13/08 of 2012

    An unboxing is just a review without an opinion. To stop your complaining, I’ll add an opinion for you: This board is very expensive in most parts of the world offering few greater features than the lower priced Sabertooth 990FX whilst offering a trendy red and black colour scheme to suit all your teenage boy gaming PC fantasies with a reduced warranty and non-military spec’d parts.

  13. rjwiuff 8:09 am 13/08 of 2012

    lol xD

  14. MorkaGraven 9:01 am 13/08 of 2012

    It’s amazing how many people are blaming Asus for the failure or unstable use of these motherboards. NewEgg literally has hundreds of reviews where people have blindly admitted they’re a bit… “derp” when it comes to installing and configuring computer components.

  15. Krycho9PowrotReturn 9:10 am 13/08 of 2012

    Nope, only DDR3 works with DDR3 DIMM slots.

  16. UunonMopo 9:45 am 13/08 of 2012

    6:38 he said slut :D

  17. MorkaGraven 10:20 am 13/08 of 2012

    Chuck Norris didn’t have a dad, he punched himself into existence.

  18. 080808clyde 11:19 am 13/08 of 2012

    this is my mobo great

  19. MewgiaArtemisScratch 11:25 am 13/08 of 2012

    I’m building a new gaming rig, should I build it with AMD? or Intel? Because AMD might step it up in the future

  20. pappo666 12:00 pm 13/08 of 2012

    chuck norris dont need any as he is pre historian and prolly dont know what a pc is. let the meme die and focus on the mobo here. . .

  21. gigga97 12:14 pm 13/08 of 2012

    Daemon tools is for Piratebay, duh fuck you talkin about?!? XD

  22. david cao 1:08 pm 13/08 of 2012

    this or the asus sabertooth 990fx??

  23. squee804 2:02 pm 13/08 of 2012

    This is an ATX board, so yes.

  24. bfudge85 2:34 pm 13/08 of 2012

    Note to unboxers. Please lay down open packages. If you keep them standing on end. you run the risk of the items inside falling over and possible damage may happen.


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