Gigabyte 3d uefi bios boot file - ASUS AMD 9-Sereis Motherboards Launch Campaign – M5A99/97 Series

20th of May 2012 14

ASUS AMD 9-Sereis Motherboards Launch Campaign – M5A99/97 Series

The ASUS M5A99X EVO with AMD 990X/SB950 chipsets supports the new AMD AM3+ socket. It features the unique Dual Intelligent Processors 2 with DIGI+ VRM technology, a digital power design, and the true mouse- control UEFI BIOS. Users can easily adjust power phase performance and system voltages via diverse settings to maximize overall performance and overclocking potential.
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14 great comment(s) for this post

  1. masmotors 5:10 pm 20/05 of 2012

    just got this thing last nite and happy with it i had old ddr2 board last it was good but not this

  2. marc2377 5:35 pm 20/05 of 2012

    Nice video! Btw, I can’t understand, why choose the 970 chipset when it will bottlenech fx processors due to hypertransport speed?

  3. germas369 6:06 pm 20/05 of 2012


  4. Nightmare1066 6:18 pm 20/05 of 2012

    I currently hold an ASUS M5A78L LE motherboard, this is the mobo I am saving up for :D

  5. Zemnmez 6:53 pm 20/05 of 2012

    Wait, did they misspell series?

  6. winsevenholic 6:56 pm 20/05 of 2012

    cool and awesomeeee !!

  7. SparrowDzek 7:34 pm 20/05 of 2012

    nice!! my old M4A87TD EVO is shit!

  8. Zraupp10 8:00 pm 20/05 of 2012

    i hear that amd 8 core is Same price same performance as Core i7 2600k stock

  9. sandiegoborn32 8:07 pm 20/05 of 2012

    Wait for AMD’s new Bulldozer 8-Core CPUs to come out on the 21st of June (I believe that is the correct date, but correct me if I’m wrong) and see how they compare with Intel’s high-end CPUs. If you’re really patient, then wait for Intel’s LGA 2011 CPUs, which are said to be released around quarter 4 of this year (again, correct me if I’m wrong) and then compare them with AMD’s Bulldozer CPUs.

  10. falmatrix2r 8:48 pm 20/05 of 2012

    AMD or Intel, Asus makes the best motherboards

  11. juanitox777 9:13 pm 20/05 of 2012

    My Asus M4a89td Pro/usb3 ROCKS, these one seems to blow the world of mothers, Love Asus ! i want My Slider!!

  12. sandiegoborn32 10:07 pm 20/05 of 2012

    Fucking EPIC!!! Go ASUS and AMD!!!

  13. Jaschar60 10:09 pm 20/05 of 2012

    AMD + ASUS = EPIC!

    i wish i had a subscription to all new asus products :D

  14. DirtyCodingHabitz 10:35 pm 20/05 of 2012

    I guess these will be for the new AMD cpu’s? and I’m moving on to Intel :)


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