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7th of April 2013 24

Asus 990FX Sabertooth UEFI Bios and AI Suite Overview

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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. anasbinqamar 11:16 am 7/04 of 2013

    haha.. man.. there is an intel amd fight onevery video! one guy starts it and bam.. show comment..:p

  2. chronofusion 12:03 pm 7/04 of 2013

    click ” piss off” and begin yours.


  3. anasbinqamar 12:55 pm 7/04 of 2013

    click ‘show comment’ and begin your journey :p

  4. Pholostan 1:53 pm 7/04 of 2013

    Beware that if you have an old dual or triple core Phenom 2 you want to unlock to four cores it is not possible on the R2.0 board. The core unlock is removed. Word on the net is that it’s due to Win8 compatibility A shame really, I wanted to play with my old Ph2 565 :(

  5. Israel Perez 2:41 pm 7/04 of 2013

    Does second version of this motherboard handle 2400 MHz ram?

  6. CharIest0n . 2:50 pm 7/04 of 2013

    In Belgium the FX 8350 is 190€ and the i5 3570k is 220€

  7. chronofusion 3:22 pm 7/04 of 2013

    spoken like a true fanboy


    You’re probably one of the idiots that thinks The Miz” off of dumbass male soap opera WWE” is awesome too. He’s probably planning to sue you for copyright infringement.

    We’re not here to listen to your technophiliac tendencies ( the want to do sexual things to electronic devices)

    Learn how to read video titles kid. Move on.

  8. BrutalyAwsome 3:37 pm 7/04 of 2013

    amd’s best chipset is a joke and everything theyve done after 2008 has been nothing but gimmicks id take a 2500k and slap it on a z77 chipset board and run it at 4.5 and spank the shit out of a 8150

  9. androvich20 4:25 pm 7/04 of 2013

    for scientific software the fx 8150 will kill the intel i5 2500, it;s like 5% faster

  10. androvich20 5:07 pm 7/04 of 2013

    taxes :(

  11. BrutalyAwsome 5:15 pm 7/04 of 2013

    you could always look on ebay / amazon for sellers with international shipping

  12. androvich20 5:35 pm 7/04 of 2013

    most of them buy brand pc that are very expensive and dated and some of us buy parts at a local market and assemble them. However we don’t get the latest (we can’t buy an fx 8350 yet for example). Building your own pc will save you about 1/2 the price of a brand pc here

  13. BrutalyAwsome 5:51 pm 7/04 of 2013

    Where do most residents of mexico buy pc hardware from?

  14. androvich20 6:23 pm 7/04 of 2013

    in some countries it does make sense to go AMD. For example, in Mexico Intel is very expensive, in fact fx 8150 is almost 60 bucks cheaper than i5

  15. Error8766 6:48 pm 7/04 of 2013

    keep on talking intel fan boy

  16. BrutalyAwsome 7:11 pm 7/04 of 2013

    The intel chip has more transistors nuff said

  17. Error8766 7:24 pm 7/04 of 2013

    i guess u dont get the fact that 99.9% games are not optimised for 8 cores as there is so few cpu’s with that
    aswell as that for multi tasking and productivity is much different then what you say so
    as for price theyr about the same one goes lower on discounts

  18. BrutalyAwsome 8:20 pm 7/04 of 2013

    3570k uses half the watts and performs better in games and most tasks,if logan used a real vid card like a nvid 660 and actualy spent time overclocking both chips to the max he would then have a creditable say in the matter until then toms hardware it is

  19. xXrage357Xx 8:55 pm 7/04 of 2013

    i hope you have changed your view on that, watch this. /watch?v=eu8Sekdb-IE

  20. Travis McShane 9:14 pm 7/04 of 2013

    Yay, and then Intel would price i3’s at $500 minimum (Way more for all of the decent ones) and you would have no choice but to buy that.

  21. conduct0r 9:59 pm 7/04 of 2013

    I ment doing well as in producing CPUs that are comparable to Intel CPUs..

  22. L33TBEANS 10:42 pm 7/04 of 2013

    Thanks for not being retarded.

  23. BrutalyAwsome 11:34 pm 7/04 of 2013

    lol @ doing well

    look at their stock decline kid

  24. conduct0r 11:45 pm 7/04 of 2013

    AMD is doing really well for being such a small company compared to Intel… “BrutalyAwsome” go be a retarded fanboy somewhere else.


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