ASRock X79 Fatal1ty Professional Motherboard Unboxing + Written Review

4th of December 2012 25

ASRock X79 Fatal1ty Professional Motherboard Unboxing + Written Review

Full review Ready to take a look at one of ASRock’s newest X79 motherboards around? Today we unbox the brand new ASRock X79 Fatal1ty Professional motherboard. Website: Forums Twitter Facebook: Google+: Full Camera/Equipment List:
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  1. heloimutube 5:31 pm 4/12 of 2012

    Is the PCB brown or black?

  2. jesse ww 5:59 pm 4/12 of 2012

    It looks like you have to remove the graphics card from the first slot just to change the ram on the left side of the board. Does anybody have that problem?

  3. desamania 6:10 pm 4/12 of 2012

    I’m a console gamer, I don’t know sh*t about PC gaming but I’m not afraid to give it a shot!!! It can’t be that hard!!! I just won’t do nothing stupid to the parts & do a lot of research!!! The only game I played on PC was “Mafia” back in the day & I enjoyed the experience.

  4. Zhensa 6:50 pm 4/12 of 2012

    apart from the rampage series i could recommend every asus and asrock board in general. although, since the Z77 boards are relativly new, so not that many have been sold that i cant give you informations of how many from whom come back. Read up some reviews and choose whatever board fits your needs and wallet best. Btw. no one needs a rampage series board. its just oversized and unreliable. not really qualitys we need from a motherboard.

  5. TheLorDRex 7:21 pm 4/12 of 2012

    :O i see . well which mobo do u recomend me ? z77 and x79 , the Asrock ones? :S i was planing to get rampage iv formula mobo D: but what do u suggest? :)

  6. Zhensa 8:13 pm 4/12 of 2012

    Do you really believe the reviewers get normal samples from the production? Everything is most likely pre tested to an extend that a failure is nearly impossible.
    since i sell and take the reklamations for computer hardware i see how many Rampage series boards i sell and get back. around 15%-20% come back. thats more then with any other board series.

    i personally had a rampage gene once, it was a utter disappointment. Gene 3 and the waterblock problem, if someone remembers, so disappointing.

  7. TheLorDRex 8:23 pm 4/12 of 2012

    really? what problems have asus rampage series?? , i’ve seen many reviews and they all say that asus rampage is series is the best x79 chipset , tell me the issues pls beacuse im thinking to buy one , or did u just say that becaus u r a fanboy of asrock? D:

  8. hibrian9 8:33 pm 4/12 of 2012

    Should I get this motherboard and do a way way gtx 680 sli or get a Asus z77 motherboard and get 2 way sli gtx 680 and water cool them

  9. WeAreMad1 9:14 pm 4/12 of 2012

    I’m running *four* gtx 480s on this board :)

  10. xDemisorx 9:18 pm 4/12 of 2012

    Is that sarcasm? D:

  11. paulweerheim 9:50 pm 4/12 of 2012

    Hey maybe i am a noob, but i have a power supply 600Watts, 80+ gold etc. modulair, and now i have a 4 pin motherboard cpu power connector!.. is this a real pain or do i need to order some extra cables of i want a motherboard with a 8-pin cpu power connector? thanks.

  12. Inffistyle 10:30 pm 4/12 of 2012

    Ofcourse not, GTX 480 uses different memorybandwith than the motherboard. It will burn quite nicely when you connect those two! ^_^

  13. custompcreview 10:43 pm 4/12 of 2012

    Sure. Why not?

  14. xDemisorx 11:14 pm 4/12 of 2012

    Is this motherboard able to get a single Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 connected to it?

  15. YbrFinX 11:17 pm 4/12 of 2012

    My problems were caused by those faulty RAM modules, but I don’t know if there’s some “not so well known” problems with Asus and Corsair… I’ve had a lots of problems when I have built systems. This far all problems have been solved but sometimes it just takes some time. We have also so many products on the market so there will never be 100% compatible products.. I always choose a product that fits in my needs (or someone other’s needs if not building the system for myself)

  16. Zhensa 12:15 am 5/12 of 2012

    the rampage series has the most problems in asus’s lineup. and like u said with ur corsair memory. we had some problems aswell with corsair memory on asus boards, not only the rampage series. especially with 16G+ .

    doesnt mean that no corsair memory will work, but for asus boards i would choose Gskill, never had any compatibility problems with them. well, there are problems everywhere, im just choosing the lesser evil with asrock ;)

  17. YbrFinX 12:51 am 5/12 of 2012

    Well, thanks for clarifying your opinion :) I’m sure that there’s all kinds of things you hear about hardware problems as you’re selling them. Do you mean that these problems occur with Rampage series only or have you seen many other faulty Asus boards as well? I haven’t had any problems with their MoBos this far. Only component I have had problems with were Corsairs XMS3 memory kit that caused BSODs and sudden system shutdowns… But anyways, thumbs up for ASRock, they’re doing well!

  18. Man7rah 1:08 am 5/12 of 2012

    A very unrelated question to the topic at hand but here it goes: Do you know of DDR-4 or DDR-5 (depending if they skip or not) coming out anytime soon?

  19. Zhensa 1:49 am 5/12 of 2012

    1. of all personal exp. R3G, wanted to give it a nice custom made waterblock, guess what. didnt boot after the installation of the block. later i read that ek waterblocks had the same issues. 1/3 of all boards didnt even get to the bios. thats what i call bad craftsmanship by asus.
    2. i sell hardware myself and i have to work with angry customers who are pissed off because their fucking expensive asus fuck board doesnt work. not many are sold but i guess 15% go back to asus(Rampage).

  20. custompcreview 1:57 am 5/12 of 2012

    Yes. Camera mic sucks and there’s not enough lighting at my desk.

  21. YbrFinX 2:51 am 5/12 of 2012

    Can you please tell me why do you think that Asus Rampage series of motherboards are “bullcrap”? I’d like to know your opinion because if you’re just stating that they are, but can’t justify it, then there’s a problem :) I agree that ASRock is doing very well and they have a good motherboards, but for some reason I still prefer Asus. (Might be because I don’t have experience about ASRock’s motherboards)

  22. YbrFinX 2:51 am 5/12 of 2012

    @custompcreview Do you pre-record these videos and add commentary afterwards? Were just wondering because I can’t hear any other sounds than your speech. I also noticed that the video moves on faster than you can explain what’s going on. I just found it funny to notice, but I might be wrong as well.

  23. DanImationFTW 3:08 am 5/12 of 2012

    dont you want to test it out and build a kick ass rig? I would, but I dunno, I was just wondering

  24. custompcreview 4:01 am 5/12 of 2012

    Nope there’s no build in the works right now. Just have it for review.

  25. DanImationFTW 4:49 am 5/12 of 2012

    are you going to build a PC with this? Can we see it when it is done?


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