Uefi good night led - ASRock Good Night LED

6th of March 2013 1

ASRock Good Night LED

Are you eager to enjoy an absolutely better stand-by environment than ever before? ASRock Good Night LED technology can offer you a better environment by extinguishing the unessential LED. By enabling Good Night LED in BIOS, the Power and Keyboard LED will be automatically switched off when the system is under Standby / Hibernation mode.

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  1. eminem13cool 10:55 pm 6/03 of 2013

    plz because I’m boring to send again an e-mail to asrock… I have a problem: I want to update bios from usb but I can’t!!!!!!
    First I extract files then I copy them to usb and then I change the boot order to boot from usb…
    But after boot a black screen shows me a message:bla bla bla No partition bla bla
    plz help?


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