Asrock AliveNF6G-GLAN Phenom II – GTX 460 Booting and Running Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.6

5th of September 2012 25

Asrock AliveNF6G-GLAN Phenom II – GTX 460 Booting and Running Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.6

From iAtkos S3 V2 (10.6.3) Now Mac OSX 10.6.6 Motherboard= Asrock NF6G-GLAN AM2 AM2+ AM3 Ready CPU= AMD Phenom II 945 4 core working at 3,5 GHz, Legacy kernel for 10.6.6 (in this video frequency still at 3,29 GHz) RAM= 4 GB DDR2 800 Ok Video Card= NVidia Geforce GTX 460 1 GB PCI-E (MSI N460GTX) working (NVidia forceware for Mac OSX 256) some freeze happen when in idle, workaround using a screensaver as a wallpaper (Wallsaver) Audio Card= External USB audio (5€ on eBay) working ok without any kexts. SATA and IDE= nForce430 Chipset Ok with SupernForceATA.kext (IDE not tested) controller in IDE Emulation (AHCI not available) HDD= Seagate 7200.12 500 GB for OS (3,5″), 640 GB Caviar GP for backup (3,5″) and a 320 GB supplementary drive (2,5″), all SATA. LAN= Integrated Gigabit Ok with nForce LAN PS2= VoodooPS2 tested and work in 10.6.4 USB= Ok with rollback IOUSBFamily from Multibeast, additional PCI USB card from VIA working great. Bluetooth= Ok with an USB dongle Standby= working but nForceLAN cannot restore connection, reboot to resolve. WiFi= Dell DW-1490 in a PCI Express 1x-Mini PCI-Express adapter, working perfectly with Airport Firewire= no firewire onboard Boot time= very fast, 20-30 sec Hardware AMD-V= Supported by VirtualBox!!! Cool&Quiet= activate in bios, but i don’t know if it work Speaker= Bose Companion II Series 2 GraphicsEnabler=Yes Updates: any update can’t be done unless i use rollback USB kext from Multibeast and reinstall the Forceware driver from NVidia
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  1. amilani3 4:57 pm 5/09 of 2012

    Can I install leopard on a phenom II X6 1100t, crosshair formula V?

  2. NvUsReaper 5:21 pm 5/09 of 2012

    oh cool. best of both worlds. I like both os’s but im a heavy gamer and im more familiar with windows so i keep with it but id be happy to have a dual boot with mac so i can just browse web n do my video editing n gfx design on mac lol.

  3. RobbyElektroDeejay 5:26 pm 5/09 of 2012

    For gaming I use Windows. Both Windows and Mac OS X are installed into this system.

  4. NvUsReaper 5:51 pm 5/09 of 2012

    may i ask why you would put a gfx card like the gtx 460 on a mac os. Since Mac Os’s are quiet limited to gaming.

  5. RobbyElektroDeejay 6:42 pm 5/09 of 2012

    You can edit it with “About This Mac Modifier”. But i don’t know if it work also on Lion.

  6. Anonymous78RUS 7:02 pm 5/09 of 2012

    how to register the name of the processor AMD Phenom II 945?
    (About this mac)

  7. paul1995131 7:51 pm 5/09 of 2012

    Can you tell me the link for nVidia Forceware for Mac OS X
    I’m searching along time, but i didn’t found something.

  8. RobbyElektroDeejay 8:23 pm 5/09 of 2012

    Go die, fucking asshole. Probably you are also a forever alone, go fap somewhere else.

  9. RobbyElektroDeejay 8:48 pm 5/09 of 2012

    No, unfortunately this motherboard support only Phenom X4 series CPUs… And the maximum you can use is a Deneb Phenom II X4 955 processor.

  10. MrHeliMan 9:05 pm 5/09 of 2012

    Hi. Can i use phenom II 1100T black edition x6 processor on this motherboard? its 3.3ghz… I want to buy it but i dont know if it will works. Thanx for your answer!

  11. vicdeldoc 9:22 pm 5/09 of 2012

    I found the solution, for any of you guys using the latest VoodooHDA kext and have sound delay, all you have to do is download an app called “soundflower” this takes care of the delay i had :D

  12. RobbyElektroDeejay 9:50 pm 5/09 of 2012

    This system no longer exists, but i remember that youtube, vimeo and other video service using flash player worked very well, at 1920×1080, too.

  13. vicdeldoc 10:34 pm 5/09 of 2012

    Hey! When you play any flash video (Youtube etc) does it pauses at 2 or 3 seconds and then right away continues? This happens to me with dual GTX 260’s, this is the only issue I have with my Hackintosh and it’s kind of annoying :P Thanks in advance!

  14. RobbyElektroDeejay 10:57 pm 5/09 of 2012

    Io ti consiglio un sistema del genere, risparmi circa 1000/1500 euro a parità di prestazioni (paragonandolo con un MacPro).

  15. MarioInside 11:32 pm 5/09 of 2012

    Stavo pensando di prendere un Hackintosh simile a questo ma a questo punto meglio un iMac. Grazie per la risposta :)

  16. RobbyElektroDeejay 11:42 pm 5/09 of 2012

    Devi installare i Forceware per Mac OS X, come scritto nella descrizione. La scheda non funziona perfettamente, è più lenta della mia vecchia 9600GT e si blocca se lasciata “ferma”, bisogna utilizzare uno screensaver come sfondo o mettere un video in secondo piano. Non ho più questo sistema, non so dirti se hanno risolto.

  17. MarioInside 12:20 am 6/09 of 2012

    Sei Italiano? Se si rispondimi: come hai fatto a configuare la GTX 460?

  18. EmoticonMayhem 1:03 am 6/09 of 2012

    Thanx, I think there probably is a way to get my card to work, espeacially since there are real Macs with 5670s but I don’t really know too much about hackintoshes.

  19. RobbyElektroDeejay 1:53 am 6/09 of 2012

    Hi, you can set easly a dualboot system (OS X – Windows) using Easeus Partition Master (is simple if you want to back with only Windows, too).
    My system is very stable, but (in all of case) is hardware dependent and the kexts installed can make the difference. Photoshop CS5 running very smooth with a good video card for hw acceleration (in your case, i’m not sure that your video card can work natively, try to get a nvidia geforce 9 series).

  20. EmoticonMayhem 2:07 am 6/09 of 2012

    Hey, I built a PC with an Athlon II x4 630, Radeon 5670 and 4GB of 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM, I already have Windows 7 installed but my previous computer was a Mac so that’s what the majority of my software is for. How can I dual boot Windows 7 and iAtkos and will iAtkos be stable enough to run Adobe CS4 and Final Cut.

    P.S. I’m pretty sure I can dual boot easily without reinstalling Windows 7 by simply installing iAtkos to a different HDD but I wasn’t sure.

  21. stuwkowalski 3:07 am 6/09 of 2012

    Hi, is this a hard thing to do? I have done it before on my Intel Pentium 4 computer before, but it surely was different than what you had to do, and it wasn’t running Snow Leopard, just reg. Leopard.

  22. ZoneSixFilms 3:55 am 6/09 of 2012

    I got Snow Leopard Retail running on those following specs:
    Asus P7P55D-E LX Socket 1156
    Intel Core i5 760 at 2.8Ghz
    Crucial 4GB DDR3 Ram kit at 1337Mhz (Yes i know, those are LEET! They are actualy pritty nice!)
    Asus Geforce GT 220 1GB DDR2 (Running with HDMI, QI+CI Working! Bit laggy tough :/ just a tiny bit)
    Lan Works (onboard)
    Sound Works (onboard+Hdmi+Front)
    Mic (Have not tested yet, But surly works)
    All USBs work including front. Sata works with some settings in bios.
    More info, message me

  23. mrSharkerly 4:44 am 6/09 of 2012

    nForce 630a*

  24. mrSharkerly 4:45 am 6/09 of 2012

    How do you set nForcelan? they used? Please recommend for my nore630a on Snow Leopard 10.6.6

  25. flex1grip 4:56 am 6/09 of 2012

    How did you get past the boot failure with the 460? Since 10.6.3 doesn’t support the nvidia 460, how did you even get it to install? I would be able to get this working with iBoot, but iBoot doesn’t work for AMD.

    I have nearly identical specs as you do. Can you provide a link to how you accomplished this or what tutorial you used?


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