That adjusts not seem the bios - a closer look – ASUS EFI BIOS ( P8P67 Deluxe)

11th of March 2012 13

a closer look – ASUS EFI BIOS ( P8P67 Deluxe)

EFI = Extensible Firmware Interface A better looking graphical bios interface

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  1. xrayhead 11:41 pm 11/03 of 2012

    Dude get a tripod PLEASE!!

  2. lordfirefox 12:16 am 12/03 of 2012

    Thank goodness, BIOS is too restrictive when it comes to Hard Drive sizes. We’ve already gone past 3TB. In this day and age of really large HD capacities BIOS is no longer viable.

  3. MEGAONE302 12:44 am 12/03 of 2012

    @LightSpeed91 hahaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. marcmerlinggyt 12:49 am 12/03 of 2012

    Asus, I’m very mad at you for making this useless graphical bios the only option.
    I have my PC in a closet with a small 800×600 screen, and I am now unable to reconfigure the BIOS without getting a bigger screen in there.
    I’m already quite unhappy that you don’t support serial console bios, something that used to work for years, but now I can’t even change my drive boot order on my screen because it won’t do 1024×768.
    This is not progress, please make text mode an option.

  5. Quasi84 1:43 am 12/03 of 2012

    UEFI isn’t not BIOS with upgraded graphics. UEFI is a new standard which lacks old legacy features not used in new machines and adds new features of modular design that allows extra software inside the UEFI. The OS needs to support UEFI too. Old operating systems that completely lacks support UEFI can not boot at all. But I believe that there might be some compatability layer that will allow legacy features but I don’t see why it’s needed. Why run Windows 98 on a computer from 2010?

  6. TechNewsWeeklyMMXI 1:53 am 12/03 of 2012

    Can someone tell me what ‘timings’ is, because when overclocking, I heard that you have to manually adjust the timings!?!?

  7. LightSpeed91 2:19 am 12/03 of 2012

    67 degrees in the bios? Your computer sucks

  8. cobrafriends 3:15 am 12/03 of 2012

    wow, no spanish…

  9. hope00hope 3:34 am 12/03 of 2012

    Cool bios, shit video maker!

  10. FutureChaosTV 4:33 am 12/03 of 2012

    Your camera work is abominable! Just film the screen using a tripod in a high resolution and zoom in later by using the video editing software. I am getting motion sickness from your close ups.

    This is really how you would like to market products?

  11. xxsekoxx 5:24 am 12/03 of 2012

    @LilDylKing Ive talked to Asus and tried many different things but still no solution. It’s the drivers that are not working. Mine shows up in device manager as the PCI controller not working, no drivers. The last thing to try is to do a clean install of Windows, and that is something i really do not want to do. I might just take the board back and get a new one. Let me know if you come up with anything.

  12. LilDylKing 6:14 am 12/03 of 2012

    @xxsekoxx I got the same problem, I cant seem to find a solution atm,

  13. xxsekoxx 7:01 am 12/03 of 2012

    I have this board and i can not get the USB 3.0 ports to read anything! 2.0 or 3.0. I have the driver update. Anybody having the same issues?


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