2011 April

22nd of April 2011 0

Server 2008 R2 auf UEFI-System startet nicht – MCSEboard.de MCSE Forum

Hallo Zusammen Ich hoffe jemand von euch kann mir bei meinem Problem weiterhelfen. Da ich selber mit meinem Latein am Ende bin und mir Onkel Google auch ke..


16th of April 2011 0

P67 Extreme4 UEFI Issue

I was wondering if anyone was having issues actually seeing the UEFI when the GPU is connected from A DVI-D to HDMI which is connected to a large LCD. I do..


14th of April 2011 0

VeroGroups » Teknologi UEFI

Kabarnya, UEFI akan ditanamkan pada komputer generasi terbaru. Dengan teknologi ini, komputer bisa menyala hanya dalam hitungan detik. Usut punya usut, UEF..


11th of April 2011 0

Microsoft Office Professional Plus UEFI Firmware – Left In Lowell

This dedication has earned us the honor of becoming just about the most dependable and trusted UEFI firmware solution supplier from the entire world. We..


9th of April 2011 0

10CNTH01: UEFI sẽ thay thế BIOS, rút ngắn thời gian khởi động …

Lựa chọn thay thế cho BIOS trong thời gian tới sẽ là UEFI. UEFI ban đầu chỉ là một sản phẩm của Intel nhưng giờ đây, nó đ..


7th of April 2011 0

BIOS Vs UEFI – Who Will survive – ThE cRaCk-O-hOLiC pOrTaL

Its been around 24+ years or so that Bios or the basic input/output system have been dominating and taking care of the initial hardware and booting process..


3rd of April 2011 0

Final 32-bit Driver for EFI & UEFI

Final 32-bit Driver for EFI & UEFI · Network Adapter Driver for 82575/6 and 82580-based Gigabit Network Connections under FreeBSD* · Final 32-bit Dr..




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